Hard Truth:

Without Software QA, your new development project is doomed to fail.

Welcome to VLG Ventures

Don't spend months (or years) working on a new project then leave it half finished with no QA. We specialize in hiring top rated QA freelancers for companies (like yours) on a tight budget (or time frame). Why spend weeks searching for the right QA freelancer when we can do it in a day?

Our Services Will Save You Time and Money


We learn about your project & staffing needs, create the job posting, perform candidate searches & interviews.


We find the most qualified QA Freelancers then present our top 2-4 candidates for your selection


We manage ongoing relationship including weekly payroll

You're Not Alone

You have to get this done on a shoestring budget

shoestring budget

I understand.
I'm a single owner LLC.
I get shoestring budgets.

Quick and Painless

We believe hiring should be quick and painless.


Which is why we handle everything for you and you reap the rewards.

Hey There!

I'm Veronica, an entrepreneur, business strategist, recruiter, and DIY'er, passionate and dedicated to helping you build a kick-ass team of QA professionals that won't put you in the poor house.

My official title is "QA Staffing Strategist". "What the heck is that?", you ask?


Well, it's part recruiter and part business strategist. I help you figure out the resources you need to make your project a success, more efficient, and primed so the next project is also guaranteed to be a success. With our primary goal to come in UNDER budget.

For example, how can we combine tasks to make processes more efficient? How can we divide up a job so a senior level freelancer isn't performing junior level work? What redundant processes can we automate?

Once we've done that, I can start my search for your perfect freelancer. I have high standards when searching for candidates. They obviously must be good at their jobs, but they also must be passionate about their work and truly care about your project and your companies success.

After spending 15+ years working as a QA Engineer and 6+ years on Upwork as a freelancer, I have a unique perspective when searching for your candidate and only present the most qualified.

I look forward to helping you on your next project and working with you and your team!

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