I love helping other people achieve their goals!

I have been working as a Software QA Engineer for over 15 years with over 5 years of automated testing experience. Even after all this time, I still love what I do. I love trying to figure out a tough bug or problem or helping a user navigate a new feature or just logging in for the first time. I am happiest when I am in service to others.

Which is why my decision to move to QA Staffing was such an easy one to make. I know what it takes to get a project released and I am great at finding freelancers that fit within a tight budget. I am also a huge advocate of making my people feel appreciated. I hope to inspire a team of elite professionals who are dedicated, loyal, have integrity, confident, positive, giving, and go above and beyond for their clients. How am I going to do this? Let me tell ya...

Veronica Glynn

I truly love my career and that passion shines through!

Goal #1

To attract the best and brightest QA/DEV professionals in the industry.

Goal #2

Promise to always treat and show my team respect and appreciation.

Goal #3

Always show integrity, loyalty, positivity, honestly, and transparency.

Finding top talent shouldn't break your budget.
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