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You work hard every day for other people, but are you ever truly shown appreciation? You work full time but never get a paid holiday or vacation. You can't take "mental health" days or your kids to the doctor. What if all this was possible and more?

We currently offer: quarterly/yearly bonuses and yearly performance reviews.

Coming in 2020: paid holidays, paid time off, and sick days.

We are currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

  • Sr. QA Automation Engineer
  • Jr. QA Automation Engineer
  • Sr. Software QA Consultant
  • Sr. Software QA Engineer
  • Jr. Software QA Engineer
  • Jr. Front-End Developer

A Little Appreciation

I'm betting my story isn't so different from yours. I work 8 days a week for 3 different clients while trying to juggle my home life. 

After working for "Corporate America" for 15 years as a Software Tester, I decided to go out on my own about 5 years ago. The first thing I noticed was that freelancers get treated differently than regular employees. As if we're disposable. Our time and our efforts are not as valuable as their regular employees time and efforts. I've also found that there is a serious lack of loyalty. 

I believe we DO matter and our time and effort are just as valuable as everyone else's, so I've made it my mission to change the scene for freelancers such as yourself.

I will introduce client/freelancer loyalty so that you can count on having a job this week, I am also introducing performance bonuses and performance reviews. I believe in showing those who work with me and for me the appreciation they deserve for their hard work.

The workforce is moving remote. According to a recent Gallup report, 43% of Americans say they spent at least some time working remotely last year.

Additionally, PGI reports that 60% of remote workers report they would leave their current job for a similar, full-time remote position at the same pay rate if they could work from home full time.

So does this mean the age of employee appreciation is also at its end? Will companies use this as an opportunity to stop giving bonuses and performance reviews? 

Get Vital Feedback

When is the last time you received a performance review?

Personally, I haven't been given a performance review since I left "Corporate America". How can you, as a professional, improve your performance if no one is giving you feedback?

I try to ask my clients for feedback on my job performance every 90 days. I generally ask the following questions:

  • Overall, are you happy with my job performance?
  • Am I meeting your expectations?
  • What should I keep doing?
  • What should I stop doing?
  • How can I improve and better meet your expectations?

As a freelancer, you should always be asking your client for feedback. It is vital to keeping them happy and guaranteeing repeat business.

Earn Bonus $$

I'm still a start-up. I need to earn money just like you so that I can give you these awesome perks. To do that I need to find clients willing to pay for your services.

So I will be implementing a referral bonus program. Anyone who joins my team and brings their own client will receive a $250 bonus after 4 weeks of continuous full-time service.

If your client (and you) stick around for 6 months, you'll get another $250. Look at that, free money.

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